SSATIS Athletics Carnival General Information

General Information for SSATIS Athletics Carnival

First Aid:

Medical Edge Australia will be available for First Aid throughout the day.

Lunches & Refreshments:

Lunches will be provided for all officials and two staff members per school (One delegate and Principal). Extra lunch orders for school staff must be paid for. Refreshments will be provided for officials and delegates throughout the day.
All officials are invited for refreshments in the pavilion at the conclusion of the carnival.


Buses will need to park on the left hand side parking area. General parking in the main car park at the rear of the Domain Track.


Each school is asked also to provide the following personnel throughout the day. This is extra to already organised officials agreed to by schools.
– 1 Lap Counter (3000m) (the recording sheets for these will be handed out on the day)
– 1 Relay Official
– 1 Hurdles Official

Warming Up:

Ensure students from your school are warming up for their events in appropriate areas. This has sometimes been an issue, with students being in the way while events have been running. Warming up can occur in the outside lanes of the back straight whilst the 800m, 1500m and 3000m are being run.
Please note that witches hats will be set up on the back straight along Lane 4 and all students are asked to remain between the cones and Lane 8 when warming up.

Relay Warm–Up and Marshalling:

Please inform students from your school that marshalling will occur at the change over area not at the start line.
Please note that NO baton changes/practice will be allowed on the track during Relay warm-ups


Please ensure only competitors are on the inside of the track and at field events, unless you are a competitor crossing the track to marshal for a field event.


Spike length must not exceed 7mm


Blocks must be used for all events up to and including the 400m.


Please ensure that all competitors are attired in correct school uniform as per each school’s uniform register.
Please inform the SSATIS Administrative Officer of any additions to your uniform such as skins etc. i.e. No full length skins allowed, half-length skins are allowed.

Competitor Changes:

Track changes: Please fill out track changes sheets for the event you wish to change by entering the new competitor name.
Field changes: Competitor changes are to be made at the event site with the marshal.
– All changes on the day can be made inside the pavilion. Please see Adrian Broughton if you require further assistance.
– Please also make the changes using the provided change of competitor sheet.


The teacher in charge of a team must lodge all protests with the organiser in writing within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the event concerned.
A representative from the school will be advised of any disqualifications before the result of the track event will be announced (unless they do not respond to the call).
Any communication with organisers and/or officials should only occur between the SATIS delegate and Adrian Broughton or Craig Deayton.

Cancellation Procedure:

In the event of inclement weather the Wet Weather Committee (Adrian Broughton, Tony Freeman and Craig Deayton) will meet at 7.00am to make a decision to cancel. Contact will be made to each SATIS delegate via email and mobile and notification will be effected through Radio ABC.
Results and Progress Scores:
These will be posted on the windows of the Grand Stand and copies will be delivered to the schools during the day. Record Breakers will be acknowledged at the conclusion of the carnival during the presentation ceremony.

Adrian Broughton (SSATIS)SSATIS Athletics Carnival General Information

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