The Aims of SATIS


Encourage excellence in all competitions.


Ensure that competitors and spectators have a safe environment in which to compete or view all activities.


Encourage a high level of participation by schools and students.

Regional & Statewide

Provide and encourage regional and state competitions.

Responsive to Change

Provide a competition structure which recognises the changing needs of student and schools.


Encourage the enjoyment of sport that is appropriate to the age and capability of the student.


Encourage camaraderie between schools, staff, students and wider school communities.


Provide opportunities for students to represent their schools.

The Sports Association of Tasmanian Independent Schools (SATIS) was formed by AHISA (Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia) {Tasmania} to conduct sporting competitions for member schools. NSATIS and SSATIS are regional bodies which organise and conduct competitions in their respective regions.

SATIS promotes physical, emotional and social well-being by fostering and administering a quality sporting programme providing competition between schools in an environment which encourages participation, diversity, integrity and sportsmanship.

This site provides current fixtures, results, and standings for SATIS inter-school sports and is also an archive of rules, regulations and bylaws relevant to sports competitions held between SATIS schools.

Latest News

  • 2022 NSATIS Swimming Carnival
    The 2022 NSATIS Swimming Carnival was held on Wednesday 9th March at the Launceston Aquatic Centre with just over 250 students competing in a range of … Read More
  • 2021 NSATIS Athletics Carnival Results
    The NSATIS Athletics Carnival was held at the Northern Athletics Centre at St Leonards on Friday 10th September. The day was a highly successful and enjoyable … Read More
  • SSATIS Year 7-10 Soccer Grand Final Festival
    The Boys Soccer Grand Finals will be played one after the other in a festival of soccer at Warrior Park, Warrane on Thursday night 23 September … Read More
  • SATIS Athletics Carnival
    The much-awaited SATIS Athletics Carnival is nearly here. The 2020 event was canceled, and the 2019 event was abandoned due to a thunderstorm. Who will take … Read More

Upcoming Events

SSATIS Cross Country Carnival

2022/05/26 09:00:00

NSATIS Cross Country

2022/06/28 09:00:00

SATIS Summer State Finals

2022/04/13 09:00:00

SATIS Finals 2022

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