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The Head of the River Regatta
1. Application of Rules
1.1. The Head of the River Regatta is to be held in accordance with the provisions of the Rowing Australia Rules of Racing, the Rowing Tasmania Racing Code and the Rowing Tasmania School Regatta Rules except as specifically provided in these rules.
1.2. These supplementary rules to the Rowing Tasmania Racing Code 2018 are as approved by Rowing Tasmania (Racing Code Clause 22.2).
2. Regatta Management
2.1. The regatta will be managed by a Regatta Secretary and the Regatta Officers Commision (ROC) under the auspice of Rowing Tasmania.
2.2. The Regatta Secretary shall
2.2.1. Manage the receipt of entries, the draw, the ballot for available lanes and the publication of the draw.
2.2.2. In consultation with SATIS determine the order of events
2.2.3. Determine the time interval between events and the location of the lunch breaks in the program in consultation with BOAT and SATIS.
2.2.4. Manage receipt and application of crew changes and scratchings.
2.2.5. Publish official results in the format determined by the Regatta Secretary.
2.3. The Rowing Tasmania alpha-numeric lane numbering system will be used.
2.4. Scratchings and crew changes
2.4.1.  These must be made to the Regatta Secretary at least 30 minutes before the published time of the event in the format prescribed by the Regatta Secretary, and must be approved by the Principal or rowing coordinator.
2.4.2. To ensure that only the Principal or school rowing coordinator submit a scratching or crew change, only the Rowing Coordniator will have access to the online entry system
2.4.3. Any scratching that does not bear the signature of the rowing coordinator or Principal will incur a fine. Any scratching which would incur a $50 fine is to be passed to the SATIS delegate and Principal of the school concerned.
2.5. If at any time prior to and/or during the regatta, the Referee, in consultation with the Chair of SATIS considers the conditions unfit for rowing, the regatta may be postponed, truncated and/or abandoned.
2.6. Uniform - All members of a crew shall be dressed in accordance with the regulation school rowing uniform as registered with Rowing Tasmania.  Crews not adhering to dress codes may be disqualified from competing.
2.6.1. Hats - must be of uniform design and colour (either school colour or white).
2.6.2. Undergarments - such as long-sleeve thermals or sun-blocks should be a school rowing colour or white, and be uniform throughout the crew.
3. Program of events
3.1. The regatta shall include the following events over the distances prescribed.
Open: 8+ 2000m, 4+ 2000m, 4X 2000m, 2X 1500m, 1X 1500m
Under 16/Yr 10: 8+ 1500m, 4+ 1500m, 4X 1500m, 2X 1500m, 1X 1500m
Under 15/Yr 9: 4X 1000m, 2X 1000m, 1X 1000m
Under 14/Yr 8: 4X 1000m, 2X 1000m, 1X 1000m
Under 13/Yr 7: 4X 500m, 2X 500m, 1X 500m
3.2. Division 2 races will precede Division 1 races
3.3. The Year 10 Eights races are to be scheduled prior to the lunch break.
3.3. The School Boys and Girls Eights races are to be scheduled at the end of the program. The order of these two races is to be alternated each year. If any school requires its girls and boys crew to use the same boat then there must be a gap of one hour between the two events or such lesser time as the Referee determines in consultation with the school concerned and the Chair of SATIS.
4. Entries
4.1. Entries are to be made on Rowing Manager, the Rowing Tasmania regatta entries system.
4.2. Entries must be made by the closing date and time stipulated on Rowing Manager.
4.3. Composite crews are not permitted. Note that this is specific to SATIS Regattas.
4.4. Coxswains
4.4.1. There is no age, gender or event restriction on coxswains.
4.4.2. For Open Schoolboy and Open Schoolgirl events only, the minimum weight for a coxswain (in racing uniform) is 55 kilograms.  To make up this weight the coxswain may carry a maximum of 15 kgs of dead weight.  No article of racing equipment shall be considered as part of this dead weight. This dead weight shall be carried in a sealed bag or bags and shall be placed in the boat as close as possible to the coxswain.
4.4.3. At any time, before or until immediately after a race, the ROC may require the deadweight to be reweighed.  The coxswain must weigh in not more than 24hours, nor less than one hour before the first Open race in which they will cox, and may carry the weight forward for the remainder of the Regatta.
4.5. All oars persons need to be competent. Any sculler or crew unable to reasonably complete a race should not be entered.
4.6.  Schools are permitted one entry per age group (boys and girls), in each division of each race category. Divisions for each group and event are as follows:
Open: 8+ (2 Divisions), 4+ (2 Divisions), 4X (2 Divisions , 2X (2 Divisions), 1X (1 Division)
Under 16/Yr 10: 8+ (2 Divisions), 4+ (2 Divisions), 4X (2 Divisions), 2X (2 Divisions), 1X (1 Division)
Under 15/Yr 9: 4X (4 Divisions), 2X (2 Divisions), 1X (1 Division)
Under 14/Yr 8: 4X (4 Divisions), 2X (2 Divisions), 1X (1 Division)
Under 13/Yr 7: 4X (4 Divisions), 2X (2 Divisions), 1X (1 Division)
4.7. Priority of crews and seating positions must be provided in the format/convention determined by the Regatta Secretary.
4.8. The crew nominated as the first, or A' crew is the Division 1 crew.
4.9. Late entries may be accepted by the Regatta Secretary up to 30 minutes prior to the first event of the program if there is an available lane after the ballot for lanes has been exhausted.
4.10. Division 1 events are limited to one entry per school.
4.11. Where there are more entries than there are available lanes, the race shall be split into two races on the basis of 5/4 or 6/5, etc., and the result of the race will be declared according to times of crews. The Regatta Secretary shall allot entries into these races on a random basis. Any vacant lanes created by this process will not be filled.
4.12. Where only one entry is received for a Division 1 event, the Regatta Secretary may schedule the event to be rowed in conjunction with another race. The crew shall receive points for the event.
4.13. No school may enter a Division 2 crew unless it has entered a Division 1 crew in the same event.
4.14. Additional entries may be made for Division 2, 3 or 4 events, in accordance with guidelines issued by the Regatta Secretary.  
4.15. If there are more entries for Division 2,3 or 4 than there are lanes available then the crews shall be split into two races in the same ratio as in 4.11.  Any spare lanes created may be by additional crews on a balloted basis. Any balloting is to be done by school rather than crew.  
4.16. In all events except for the Open 8+ where there are less than three Division 2 crews entered, and where there are sufficient lanes in the Division 1 race, the two races will be rowed concurrently. The Division 2 crews will be allocated the outside lanes.
4.17. Division 2 races for Girls and Boys Open 8+ will be rowed before the two Division 1 races, in the same rotating order as for the Division 1 races.  If there is only one crew entered in either Division 2 race, it will be declared a non-event and will be excluded from the Program.
4.18. Where only one crew presents itself at the start they shall have the option of rowing down the course or to be directed by the umpires outside the course and proceed to the finish line before returning to shore.  Where this is a Division 1 crew, they shall receive points for the event.
5. Eligibility of Rowers
5.1. Rowers must be currently enrolled and attending students of the school for which they are entered.
5.2.  A student may row in a particular boat type only once, provided he/she is of the correct year group for such event.
5.3. A may only compete in one Year Group. Students cannot compete in a Year Group lowear than what they are enrolled in.
5.4. Where a year group loses one of is numbers to illness or injury (in the seven days prior to the day of the Head of the River) and there is no substitute available from that year group, a substitute from a younger year group may be used, even if that substitute is already rowing in that boat size in their own year group. A doctor's certificate must be provided prior to the event to SATIS.
6. Protests
6.1. The resolution of disputes arising from any race shall be in the hands of the Rowing Tasmania Referee of the day.
6.2. Protests must be lodged with the Regatta Secretary in writing by the rowing coordinator of the school concerned, within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the race in question.
7. Points Score and Trophies
7.1. Points are only awarded for Division One events. Points are calculated according to the number of schools competing for the respective aggregate trophy category.
First 8  
Second 7
Third 6    
Fourth 5    
Fifth 4    
Sixth 3    
Seventh 2   
Eighth 1     
7.2.  The following ten trophies will be awarded
7.2.1. Aggregate trophies for Junior (U13, U14, U15 and U16) Boys, Girls and Co-ed Open Boys, Girls, Co-ed
7.2.2. Event trophies for Head of the River Under 16 Boys' and Girls' 8+ Head of the River Open Boys and Girls 8+
8. Sports Moratorium
8.1. The moratorium Provisions apply to two periods:
8.2.1. Christmas/New Year, the dates for which will be determined by SATIS in consultation with Rowing Tasmania and published in the RT Calendar; and
8.2.2. Easter - Good Friday to Easter Monday Inclusive
8.2. The intention of the SATIS Sports Moratorium is to enable students and their families to have a three-week break from school activities. To this end the following rowing specific rules will apply:
8.2.1. During the moratorium students cannot use school rowing equipment.
8.2.2. During the Moratorium students from the same school cannot train or row together in any combination greater than three, including coxswains, and/or as more than half of a Double or Pair, at the same time.
8.2.3. During the Moratorium students cannot be coached by school coaches within the parameters in 1 and 2 above.
8.3. Interpretation
8.3.1. School Rowing Equipment - any equipment owned or normally used by a school and/or its rowing club.
8.3.2. Combination greater than three - In a boat larger than a Double/Pair.
8.3.3. At the same time - On the water in multiple Doubles/Pairs/Singles at the same time or in such a manner that there can be implied a coordinated approach to the training of the students within a crew throughout the day and the period of the Moratorium. This also applies to land-based training.
8.3.4. School coaches - Those coaches who coach crews/rowers that will represent a school.
8.4. Additionally, the spirit of the Moratorium is as important as its regulations. The spirit of the Moratorium is based on the acknowledgement of the value of family, the need for balance in one's life and sound pedagogical practice. Actions, intentional or not, which contravene the regulations of the Moratorium or compromise the spirit of the Moratorium, may be subject to review by AHISA.
Please Note:
If a school has any doubts about how to interpret the wording or the intent of the Moratorium, they should contact the Chair of SATIS prior to the commencement date of the Moratorium.

Adrian Broughton (SSATIS)Rowing