JSSATIS is sub-branch of SSATIS and is formed by a committee of delegates from each of the following schools, with support from the SATIS Administrative Officer:

Corpus Christi Catholic School

Dominic College

Eastside Lutheran College

Fahan School

Hilliard Christian School

Mount Carmel College

Sacred Heart College

St. Mary’s College

St. Michael’s Collegiate

St. Virgils College

The Hutchins School

The Friends School


This committee seeks to enable students within these schools to easily access and experience a range of sports.  JSSATIS hopes that students/coaches/umpires can participate in a non-threatening environment and see this as an opportunity where;

–          students could learn a sport for the first time

–          a parent could coach for the first time

–          an umpire/referee could officiate for the first time

JSSATIS rosters seek to be approximately 8 weeks in duration but this is affected by term length and a number of other factors.  JSSATIS rosters do not record results or keep ladders and hopefully this allows those responsible to make the best decisions for our students, in the knowledge that there are no ‘sheep stations’ up for grabs.  This is not to say that JSSATIS games are not competitive and that students should not strive to win but that they should do so with a smile on their face and shake hands when the final whistle blows.  JSSATIS sport is not club sport and should not be confused with club sport.  Students who find they really enjoy a particular sport and have been involved in JSSATIS sport, have the perfect platform to pursue that sport at the next level, which is club sport.  It is here they could receive multiple training sessions per week and have qualified coaches, and where winning or losing may have a greater consequence.

In 2023, JSSATIS conducted rosters in which 226 teams participated, not including JSSATIS Swimming, JSSATIS Cross Country or JSSATIS Athletics Carnivals. With the addition of 3 new schools into JSSATIS since 2021, this figure will continue to increase and we hope many more students will continue to embrace this opportunity provided to them by their schools.

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Adrian Broughton (SSATIS)Junior Southern SATIS (JSSATIS)