Last Updated: Thu 21-Mar-2024

NSATIS Badminton
1.                  Teams should consist of 8 players: 4 boys, 4 girls in 1st Competition.  You may have extra players if desired.  Where possible teams should consist of 4 boys and 4 girls in the 2nds Competition - this can be negotiated at the beginning of the season if necessary.
2.                  The matches consist of singles, doubles and mixed doubles, these may be played in any order.
3.                  All games are played to 21 points in both singles and doubles in both the 1st & 2nd Competitions - a team must be ahead by two points to win.  However, if two matches are rosterd at the same venue, games will be played to 11 points.
4.                  There is no time limit to games.  Games start when both teams are present and finish when all games completed.
5.         If a player is absent, he or she will forfeit all games intended to be played by that player.
6.                  The final outcome is decided by the number of games won.  If games won is even the winner is determined by the team with the most number of points.
7.                    Shuttlecocks - The standard shuttle is the red band, cork head, white plastic skirt. Each team will provide a shuttle and, if there is a difference in type, then teams will use each type in alternate games.
8.         Players not playing at any time are expected to score and umpire.
9.         If teams finish level on the ladder at the end of the roster the qualifying teams for finals are decided on the head-to-head results from those two teams during the roster. If teams are still level (e.g. 2 wins each) the following method will be used to determine who qualifies.
- Number of rubbers won in matches between the level teams.
- Points for/against in matches between the level teams.
- Overall rubbers won/lost by the level teams.
- Overall points for/against of the level teams.
10.   Where possible Firsts matches should have 4 courts available.  
11.  When half way through the roster, schools must submit their First's team rankings: 1 - 4 (male and female) to the Admin Officer.  However schools may seek approval from the Admin Officer to have their seedings adjusted due to a late enrolment to the school.  
12.  A score card with suggested playing order can be found under the information for delegates tabs.

Note: The Home Team (displayed as the left-hand team in all fixtures) always carries the costs and responsibilities for hosting the game, regardless of venue.

Adrian Broughton (SSATIS)Badminton