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1. Matches shall be played under the rules and regulations of the Northern Tasmanian Hockey Association.
2. The Northern Independent School hockey competition is between the first teams of each Independent School.  Points for the NSATIS Premiership to be counted only from games between NSATIS schools 'Firsts' sides.  If two or more schools are level on points, the premier school will be decided on the goal difference for and against between the two tied teams from the matches played against each other.
3. The Northern Tasmanian Hockey Association Under 19 competition is separate to the NSATIS competition, but played con-currently and includes all teams playing in the roster.  The eligibility for the U/19 roster is to include:   that each team be permitted to play two players who were under nineteen on January 1st, provided permissions is given by the NHA for the nominated players to play.
4. The points shall be:
Win - 5 points
Draw - 3 points
Loss - 1 point
Forfeit (Win) - 5 points and 3-0 score recorded
Forfeit (Loss) - 0 Points and 0-3 score recorded            
5. In the case of some games being abandoned on synthetic fields by members of the NHA committee or coaches (due to the state of the grounds), the abandoned games shall be declared drawn and points shared.  Other games in the same grade which have been played shall have their results count.
6. If a game is to be re-scheduled due to holidays, it may be done so by prior negotiation between the competing schools.  The Administrative officer must be notified of the rescheduled date.
7. Length of game:   Roster matches will be 25 minutes each way with a 5 minute half time break, no extra time.
                                          NSATIS Final will be 15 minute quarters, if scores are level at full time the result will be decided by a penalty shootout conducted in accordance with HA Tournament  
                                          Regulations Appendix 4, except that all shootouts will be between an attacker and a fully kitted goalkeeper. This brings the SATIS Final in line with current Hockey Tas
                                          Under 18 competition regulations.
8. When matches are played against N.W. Schools, the home side shall provide both umpires.
SSATIS Hockey is currently run in conjunction with Hockey Tasmania
Grades played include Division 1 and Division 2, Year 10, Year 9, Year 8 and Year 7.  There may also be divisions if there are too many teams for one roster.
If a school enters more than one team in the same division, there will be no interchange of players between the teams without the permission of the Chair of SSATIS and Hockey Tasmania.
NB: The SSATIS team in both Girls and Boys Division 1, that either wins the southern grand final or places highest on the ladder at the conclusion of the season will progress to the state final.
Rosters, results and ladders available here:
SATIS Hockey     Last updated on 21/06/2023
State Final Rules and Regulations
Girls and Boys
1.  Hockey will be conducted under the rules of the Federation of International Hockey except as herein after stated.
2.  The game shall be played on a good standard ground with neutral qualified umpires.
3.  Games must have a match manager in attendance.
4.  Each team consists of 11 players with up to five substitutes on the side-line. Players can substitute virtually at any time and any number of times.  
5.  All players' names, including interchange must appear on the scorebook prior to the commencement of play.
6.  Playing time will be 4x15 minute quarters.
7.  If the final is level at full time the winner will be decided by penalty shootout played in accordance with HA Tournament Regulations Appendix 4, except that all shootouts will be between an attacker and a fully kitted goalkeeper
HA Shootout regulations Appendix 4 (Page 41.)

Note: The Home Team (displayed as the left-hand team in all fixtures) always carries the costs and responsibilities for hosting the game, regardless of venue.

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