SATIS REGULATIONS (as at 06/01/2020)

Regulations contained herein are to cover the conducting of State Finals, Matches and State Carnivals. Regulations covering regional rosters will be the responsibility of the regional sub-committee and need not mirror these.

When an anomaly in regional regulations exists, SATIS regulations will take precedence.

If there is still no resolution then a meeting should be convened between the Chair, Administrative Officers (North and/or South) and the schools involved.

Risk Management Checklists

For all SATIS State rosters, finals and carnivals, the ground/venue will have been checked using the checklists supplied, and agreed to by the schools involved.  (Refer to Risk Management document for checklists).



Where age restrictions are in force, competitors must be under the stipulated age on January 1st of that year. At the Open level, there is no age restriction in force, provided the student concerned is enrolled at the College.

Athletes age groups will be U/13, U/14, U15, U16/Year 10 and Open to allow students from Grade 7-10 schools participate in their corresponding age group (rule change as from 31/05/2013).

If any overage grade 10 athlete wins an event and breaks the current U16 record in the U16/G10 age group then that will become a G10 record in that event (rule change as from 16/08/2013).

Dates for State carnivals and summer/winter finals will be set by a general meeting of SATIS. No amendment to dates and times or regulations governing the conduct of inter-school sporting fixtures be permissible by negotiation between participating schools, but only by the permission of the Chairperson of SATIS, and then only in circumstances deemed extraordinary.
Generally all summer and all winter finals will be played in the same part of the State and shall alternate each year. (Venues for specific sports will be determined by Host Schools and in many cases are covered by regulations contained herein.)

NSATIS and SSATIS will pay for umpires when finals are in their respective regions.

SATIS carnivals (swimming, athletics)

The Meet Manager computer program will be used for the conduct of swimming and athletics carnivals with the respective state associations (Swimming Tasmania and Athletics Tasmania).  The SATIS Technical Officer will work in conjunction with these organisations.

Eligibility for Finals
To be eligible to play in a State Final a player must have represented their School/College in that particular sport in at least half of the roster games in that season.

Finals are for 1st Grade only. Exception – where there is a 2nds State wide roster (Australian Rules and Cricket)

A player may not play in both 1sts & 2nds finals. However, if a School’s 1sts and 2nds teams are both in a State Final, then all players are eligible for either final.
A player having a serious injury throughout the season or for any extraordinary circumstance, may apply to the chairperson of SATIS, prior to the final, for special consideration in terms of final eligibility.
To be eligible to play in a 2nds State Final a player must NOT have played more than half the roster games in the 1sts team if the length of both rosters are equal. If there are less games available in the 2nds roster, then eligibility will be based on the percentage of game the player has represented in each team. (The higher percentage earning eligibility in that team).

Ground Changes

Fixtures under the control of SATIS may be moved to another venue within the region if the planned venue is deemed unfit or cancelled if a suitable alternative venue is not available. Under such conditions, the host school must endeavour to inform the opposing school of the possibility of such a cancellation or transfer as soon as the possibility occurs. Transfer of fixtures between regions is not permitted.

Lightning Policy
When the gap between lightning and thunder is less than 30 seconds the competition must cease until 30 minutes after the last thunder

Presentation of Trophies and Age Group Trophies at Athletics and Swimming

Captains (and Vice Captains) of teams will line up together at Swimming and at Athletics Carnivals. Competitors will line up in schools. N.B. This may not be possible at swimming owing to a lack of space.

At Athletics and Swimming, the names of those students breaking records on the day will be announced and those students will be awarded a SATIS certificate and asked to join the Captains.

Trophy results are not to be read in full at the final presentation. Schools placed fourth and below will have their place only announced. Schools placed 3rd, 2nd and 1st will be announced in that order along with their points. Schools shall only be announced in divisions in which they compete, otherwise, the name of the school shall not be announced.

For Age Group Pennant results, only the top three schools are to be announced.

Program Costs at Athletics, Rowing and Swimming
The costs incurred by a school in organising the carnival will be met by SATIS. Program production costs are for paper and “in-house” photocopying. Neither the organising school nor the Administrative Officer may use an “outside” printer to produce a program without the permission of the Chair of SATIS

Wet Weather
The following people will make up the wet weather committee: Chairperson of SATIS (or his/her deputy), the Administrative Officer and the referee. In the event of a voting deadlock, the Chairperson of SATIS would have a casting vote. The wet weather committee would be expected to be present prior to the start of a meeting.
Any Athletics or Swimming Carnival becomes a carnival when a minimum of 75% of the events have been completed and from there on the points will stand.
The deliberations of this committee would normally cover Athletics, Swimming and Rowing. Changes due to weather of any other sport would normally be at the discretion of the umpires in control of the match.

Statewide rosters

  1. If a game is to be re-scheduled due to School commitments, it may be done so by negotiation between the rostered schools.  The Administrative Officer is to be notified and the rescheduled date must be arranged prior to the rostered date.
  2. The Administrative Officer is to be notified of the changed date by the requesting school, for referral to the Chair of SATIS.
  3. If a mutually agreed date cannot be arranged, the match will be deemed a forfeit to the non-requesting school.
  4. If one School cannot play on the rescheduled date, the match will be deemed a forfeit to the other school.
  5. If both schools mutually agree to share points for a non-match, that is acceptable as an agreement between the two schools.



Schools are accountable for all trophies won at SATIS events, and if a trophy is missing the school concerned will pay for a complete replacement.

SPORTS Moratorium

The moratorium Provisions apply to the following two periods:

  1. Christmas/New Year, the dates for which will be determined by SATIS in consultation with Rowing Tasmania and published in the RT Calendar
  2. Easter – Good Friday to Easter Monday Inclusive

The intention of the SATIS Sports Moratorium is to enable students and their families to have a three-week break from school activities.

Additionally, the spirit of the Moratorium is as important as its regulations. The spirit of the Moratorium is based on the acknowledgement of the value of family, the need for balance in one’s life and sound pedagogical practice. Actions, intentional or not, which contravene the regulations of the Moratorium or compromise the spirit of the Moratorium, may be subject to review by AHISA.

Please Note:

If a school has any doubts about how to interpret the wording or the intent of the Moratorium, they should contact the Chair of SATIS prior to the commencement date of the Moratorium.

Rowing Specific Moratorium Rules:

  1. During the moratorium students cannot use school rowing equipment.
  2. During the Moratorium students from the same school cannot train or row together in any combination greater than three, including coxswains, and/or as more than half of a Double or Pair, at the same time.
  3. During the Moratorium students cannot be coached by school coaches within the parameters in 1 and 2 above.

Interpretation of Rowing Rules:

  1. School Rowing Equipment – any equipment owned or normally used by a school and/or it’s rowing club.
  2. Combination greater than three – In a boat larger than a Double/Pair.
  3. At the same time – On the water in multiple Doubles/Pairs/Singles at the same time or in such a manner that there can be implied a coordinated approach to the training of the students within a crew throughout the day and the period of the Moratorium. This also applies to land-based training.
  4. School coaches – Those coaches who coach crews/rowers that will represent a school.
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