Touch Football (JSSATIS)

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Touch Football Regulations
Age Group:   Year 5 and 6
Players:          A team of 5 players on the field
Equipment:   1 junior size touch football
Playing Area:  50m (long) x 35m (wide) [Approx- half touch field]
Game time: 2 halves of 20 minutes each way with a break of 3 minutes at half time.
Ground Information
Girls 5/6 Roster
Fahan                 (FAH)   Fahan Oval, Fisher Avenue, Sandy Bay
Mt. Carmel        (LQ)  Lower Queenborough Oval
Hutchins            (HUT)  Hutchins War Memorial Oval (enter off Nelson Road).
Dominic             (DOM)  204 Tolosa Street, Glenorchy. Field is on top soccer oval, use second entrance to the college next to Multi Coloured Child Care centre
Boys 5/6 Roster
St. Virgil's          (GYC)  Guilford Young College - Hobart Campus Oval, Patrick St
Sacred Heart     (SHC)  Clare Street Oval, New Town
Hutchins            (HUT)  Hutchins War Memorial Oval (enter off Nelson Road)
    1. The spirit of the game is to give all available players a game of touch football.
    3. Object of the game of Touch is for each team to score touchdowns and to prevent the opposition from scoring.
    5. Play is commenced and recommenced with a tap at the halfway mark.
    7. The team who wins the toss receives possession for the commencement of the game and will choose the direction for the first half. Teams change direction at half time.
    9. The ball must be passed sideways or backwards between players of the attacking team who in turn run with the ball in an attempt to score. Defending players prevent the attacking team from running and/or scoring by touching the ball carrier
    11. Either defending or attacking players may initiate touches upon which play stops and is restated with a Roll Ball.
    13. A touchdown is awarded when a player, without being touched, places the ball on the ground on or over the team's attacking score line and within the boundaries of the Touchdown Zone.
    15. Once a touchdown has been awarded the ball is returned to the centre of the ground and tapped by the team that was scored upon to recommence play.
    17. When time expires, play is to continue until the ball next becomes dead.
    1. Players may run with the ball and pass the ball, but if the player is touched, they return to the place they were touched and place the ball on the ground.
    3. Each team will have 6 touches to attempt to score before the opposition gains possession.
    5. Players are to use minimum force when applying a touch on the opposition
    7. The team in possession of the ball (attacking team) should be onside at the touch ball or tap and pass.
    9. Girls roster: The defending team does not move forward until the ball has been caught by a field player after the pass from the acting half'. The defending team must be 5m back from the touch ball.
             Mixed/Boys roster: The defending team does not move until the ball has been released by the acting half' and the defending team must be 5m back from the touch ball.
6. After the touch, the team in possession may pass the ball sideways or backwards in an attempt to score a touchdown.
7. A forward pass will count as a touch and play is recommenced with roll ball
8. Possession will change under the following circumstances:
        1. After the sixth touch
        3. If a ball is dropped
        5. Infringement by an attacking player at a penalty or tap
        7. When a player in possession of the ball runs across the sideline
        9. When directed by the referee
    1. A roll ball is used when a touch has been affected, when possession changes or when directed by the referee.
    3. Players are not allowed to kick the ball
    5. Players are encouraged to call out touch when a touch is made and be honest with their call.
    1. Roll Ball: Player to position on the mark, face the attacking score line and step over the ball.
    3. Acting Half: The player who receives the ball from a roll ball. This player can only pass the ball.
    5. Tap: Place the ball on the ground and tap with the foot a distance forward no more than 1 meter and retrieve the ball cleanly. Anyone on the attacking team can take and receive the tap.
    7. Offside: An attacking player is in a position forward of the ball. A defending player is closer than 5 metre away from the attacking team at the time of the role ball
    9. Onside: Player is in a position where can be legitimately involved in play
    1. Referees are to apply rules with due regard to the age level and ability of players. Deliberate and other actions against the nature and spirit of the game should be dealt with.
    3. For minor infringements the referee allows a replay of the action. E.g. roll ball infringements.
    5. No penalties are to be awarded (change of possession when required)
    7. Referees and coaches are encouraged to reinforce the codes of conduct/behaviour.
    9. In cases where play is recalled or replayed for the team in possession, the referee should hold the ball and explain the ruling before allowing the play to recommence.
    11. Referees are encouraged to explain infringements to competitors to increase students' knowledge and skills of the game.
 Home games to be umpired by HOME teams.

Note: The Home Team (displayed as the left-hand team in all fixtures) always carries the costs and responsibilities for hosting the game, regardless of venue.

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