Teeball (JSSATIS)

Last Updated: Tue 16-Jan-2024

Teeball Regulations
Age Group: Year 3 and 4
Players: A team of up to 8 players on the field (Up to 12 can bat)
Equipment: Ball to be an 'Incrediball' or felt equivalent.
Mouth guards are recommended.
Shin pads are recommended.
Bats and gloves provided.
Playing Area: Approx. 18m between bases.
Game time: The amount of innings is dependent on time - approx. 45min game time
Game Play:
1. Ball to be hit off tee (no strikes, students assisted to hit if necessary) for Teeball.
2. Players must wear a helmet when batting.
3. Each player is allowed to bat once per innings but only up to 8 players can field at one time.
4. Score will not be kept for Teeball.
5. A team does not finish its innings until all players have had their bat (not after 3 dismissals) as long as a given team has a reasonable number of players eg. no more than 12.
6. A ball hit into foul territory is simply replayed.
7. No fielder should be closer to the batter than 10m and should be the only fielder inside the diamond.
8. Fielding positions should be rotated at the end of each innings
9. A batter is out if the ball is taken by the fielder on the base they are running to.
10. Players cannot steal bases.
11. If the ball is returned to the catcher then the batter is to stop running upon reaching the base they were running to.
12. Catches are out.
13. Batters must be careful of 'throwing' the bat after hitting the ball. If this is done consistently and is endangering other players, then the batter may be deemed out.
14. (COACHES UMPIRE THE MATCHES) When in doubt, common sense applies.

Note: The Home Team (displayed as the left-hand team in all fixtures) always carries the costs and responsibilities for hosting the game, regardless of venue.

Adrian Broughton (SSATIS)Teeball (JSSATIS)