1. Regulations
    a. Each JSSATIS Sport has a set of sport specific regulations
    b. All JSSATIS correspondence between schools should go through the JSSATIS delegates and not individual members of school communities.
  2. Rosters
    a. Coordinator of each sport to email entry form 2-3 weeks prior to start of season.
    b. Schools to return entry for by closing date as stated on form.
    c. Extra entries are not permitted after closing date.
    d. Rosters collated for full season and emailed to schools one week prior to round one.
    e. Schools have 48 hours after the first round to withdraw teams, but additional teams cannot be entered except in exceptional circumstances outlined by the JSSATIS Chair.
    f. Schools must supply enough grounds/courts for the number of teams entered, i.e. one ground for two teams (remembering that year groups play on the same night). It is the responsibility of the school to book additional grounds/courts if they have entered additional teams.
    g. A supervising adult over the age of 18 (not a current student) must be provided by each team and must attend the game for its entirety. Teams not accompanied by a supervising adult will forfeit the roster game. Warm Ups/Games will not commence until a supervising adult arrives.
    h. Schools may request a bye for school camps etc, however in some cases this may not be possible.
    I. If a school plays an ineligible player in any team the fixture shall be forfeited to the opposition.
    j. Coaches are allowed to umpire games/matches; however, they can only provide instructional advice to educate the participants in learning the rules of the game. They may not provide coaching/strategy advice during game/match time, with the exception of recognised breaks.
  3. Cancellations and Forfeits
    a. The home team will notify the opposition school as soon as possible of any cancellations (Contact school office and delegate DO not email).
    b. In the event of wet weather and no overall cancellation of matches, the decision to play will be left to the coaches of each team. If at least one coach considers conditions are too dangerous for play that game will be declared a washout.
    c. Midweek matches are to commence as close as possible to rostered time. If players are not in position to commence matches fifteen minutes after the rostered start time, the team will forfeit the match.
  4. First Aid at Venues
    Each School is responsible for supplying each team with a first aid kit and cold pack.
  5. Carnival Organisation
    a. Uniform – If a school is unable to outfit teams/individuals in accepted school uniform the Chair of SSATIS is to be notified prior to the event. Sub-committees will then be notified.
    b. Program and other expenses – The costs incurred by a school organising carnival will be met by JSSATIS. Program production costs are for paper and “in-house” photocopying.
  6. General playing regulations
    a. Criticism of umpires/referees by players or parents will not be accepted. An umpire may eject from the court/field play a player or spectator who infringes in this regard.
    b. All players must wear the approved school sports uniform (see uniform registry).
    c. Players, coaches and spectators are required to abide by the JSSATIS Code of Ethics.
Southern SATISJSSATIS General Regulations