2020 Important Dates

Summer Moratorium:  21st December 2019 (sunset) – 10th January 2020 (sunrise)

SSATIS Swimming:  Wednesday 11th March @ Hobart Aquatic Centre

NSATIS Swimming: Tuesday 10th March @ Launceston Aquatic Centre

SATIS Swimming:  Thursday 26th March @ Hobart Aquatic Centre – Cancelled

NSATIS Summer Finals:  tbc

SSATIS Summer Finals:  tbc

Head of the River Rowing Regatta:  Saturday 21st March @ Lake Barrington – Cancelled

Easter Moratorium:  Good Friday 10th April 2020 – Easter Monday 14th April 2020 (inclusive)

SATIS Cricket State Final:  1sts – 13th & 14th March

SATIS Cricket State Final: 2nds – 14th March

SATIS Summer Finals:  tbc (North)

SSATIS Cross Country:  Thursday 28th May @ Pontville – cancelled

NSATIS Cross Country:  Tuesday 30th June @ Symmons Plains – cancelled

SATIS Football Finals:  tbc

NSATIS Winter Finals:  tbc

SSATIS Winter Finals:  tbc

SSATIS Athletics:  Tuesday 8th September @ Domain Athletics Centre – tbc

NSATIS Athletics:  Thursday 10th September @ Penguin North West Athletics Centre – tbc

SATIS Athletics:  Saturday 19th September @ Domain Athletics Centre – tbc

SATIS Winter Finals: Wednesday 23rd September (South) – tbc

2021 Important Dates

Adrian Broughton (SSATIS)Important SATIS Dates