50-year records still stand

The Boys Open 1500m and 800m record for SSATIS and SATIS Athletics was last broken in 1972, by Randal Markey from The Hutchins School. Markey ran a time of 3:56.50 in the 1500m and a 1:53.95 for 800m at the SSATIS Athletics in October 1972. Following the Southern Carnival, he then ran a time of 3:58.5 for 1500m and 1:53.4 a week later at the SATIS Athletics. These 50-year-old records are the longest standing individual records for SSATIS and SATIS Athletics. Pictured is Markey running at the SSATIS Athletics held at The Hutchins School in 1972.

Southern SATIS50-year records still stand

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