SSATIS End of Year

Hi everyone,

Well another school year draws to a close and so does another year of SSATIS Sport. It has been another full year of carnivals, rosters, inclement weather, triumphs and challenges.
Below I have compiled a summary of the champions of each roster sport for the 2015 year.
Many thanks to all who have been involved in SSATIS this year. Special thanks must go to Adrian Broughton for his proficient cover of the SSATIS administrative function during my absence whilst on maternity leave. His innovation and introduction of a functional database and website has changed the face of SATIS. Adrian has not been lost though and remains involved in an integral Technical Support Role.

Wishing all delegates, students, coaches and families a wonderful and restful Christmas and festive season.
Stay safe and I look forward to working with you all in 2016.

Until then – keep fit and healthy and happy 
Christmas Cheers!!


Girls Sports

1st Grade Tennis – Friends
2nd Grade Tennis – Fahan
3rd Grade Tennis – Fahan
1st Grade Soccer – GYC
2nd Grade Soccer – Fahan
Year 9/10 Soccer – Sacred Heart
Year 7/8 Soccer – Friends
1st Grade Softball – Collegiate
1st Grade Netball – St Marys
2nd Grade Netball – GYC
Year 9 Netball
div 1 – Dominic Maroon
div 2 – Dominic Gold
Year 10 Netball
div 1 – Sacred Heart
div 2 – MacKillop
Year 7 Netball
div 1 – Sacred Heart Mystics
div 2 – Dominic Maroon
Year 8 Netball
div 1 – St Marys Green
div 2 – Collegiate
1st Grade Basketball – St Marys
2nd Grade Basketball – Fahan
Year 9 Basketball – MacKillop Blue
Year 10 Basketball – Dominic Maroon
Year 7 Basketball – Mt Carmel
Year 8 Basketball – Sacred Heart
Year 9/10 Tennis
Div 1 – Fahan Navy
Div 2 – Friends Red
Year 7/8 Tennis – St Marys
Junior Softball – Collegiate

Boys Sports

1st Grade Cricket – St Virgils Blue
1st Grade Tennis – GYC
2nd Grade Tennis – St Virgils
Year 7 Basketball – St Virgils Gold
Year 8 Basketball – MacKillop White
1st Grade Soccer – GYC
Year 9 Basketball – MacKillop White
Year 10 Basketball – Dominic Maroon
Year 9/10 AFL – New Town High
Year 7/8 AFL – St Virgils
Year 9 Soccer – Hutchins
Year 10 Soccer – St Virgils Gold
Year 7 Soccer – St Virgils
Year 8 Soccer – MacKillop White
1st Grade Basketball – GYC
Year 9/10 Tennis – Hutchins Black
Year 7/8 Tennis – Hutchins Lions
Year 9/10 Cricket – no final played
Year 7/8 Cricket – St Aloysius Blue

Adrian Broughton (SSATIS)SSATIS End of Year

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