Southern SATIS Sports Finals

It has been a big week for SSATIS summer sports with Boys Year 7 – 10 Basketball, Girls Year 7/8 Soccer and Girls 1st Grade Soccer all having their finals this week. Both Fahan and St Virgil’s have been dominant through the regular seasons and were triumphant in all their finals. It has been great to see close contests and all matches being played in the spirit of SATIS and students representing their schools well. Results as follows

Girls Year 7/8 Soccer

Fahan Orange (3) def St Mary’s (2)

Girls 1st Grade Soccer

Fahan (2) def Friends’ (0)

Boys Year 7 Div 1 Basketball

St Virgil’s Blue (46) def MacKillop (25)

Boys Year 7 Div 2 Basketball

St Virgil’s Gold (41) def St Virgil’s Red (30)

Boys Year 8 Basketball

St Virgil’s Blue (35) def Hutchins (33)

Boys Year 9 Basketball

Sacred Heart Warriors (52) def St Aloysius Blue (39)

Boys Year 10 Basketball

St Virgil’s Blue (62) def Sacred Heart Bucks (28)


Southern SATISSouthern SATIS Sports Finals

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